We are relaunching InfoCities.com as eCity.com and to celebrate, we've organized this detailed guide on running high ROI SMS text messaging campaigns
93% Open Rates: Rich Content Mobile Marketing Demystified
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If you aren't actively building and broadcasting to a text message list you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This guide details a system for maximizing the potential of SMS delivery to smartphones as a marketing channel for your business. We have +6 years of experience running text marketing campaigns for small businesses:

  • The 4 types of mobile friendly multi media content.
  • The Content Marketing Problem (...and why you've probably failed at it up to this point).
  • The 6 step high leverage content production process (This process translates 45-60 minutes of your time into a significant amount of high quality, SEO gold, multi media content...)
  • How to achieve 93% open rate of your marketing messages, literally get them viewed by 9 out of 10 people on your list.
  • How to avoid getting your mobile phone number blacklisted by using the best value, most intuitive software platform for actually broadcasting the marketing messages via SMS.For you conversion optimization geeks; how to split test SMS message advertising copy and offers.
  • How to effectively, quickly and legally build your text marketing list.

The semi proprietary marketing methods detailed in this guide are so effective we really don't want want them spread beyond the eCity (formerly Infocities) community, so please confirm this is a community you would like to be a part of by clicking the link below and we'll send you this guide straight away.

A few other important things...

  • You can have a free listing on eCity for as long as you want but after 3 months of inactivity, your Basic Business Citation listing will be unpublished and disappear from the site. Ours is a growing and dynamic community, it's important that your listing accurately reflect the current state of your business. We encourage you to add Deals to the site, and post whatever deals you are offering to your business's listing page. This is easy, takes just a few minutes to do and will significantly improve the visibility of your business and offers in front of the buyers using eCity.com.
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You can manage your listing(s) here: http://www.ecity.com/manage-listings

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When you need to find a business or a service in your area, how do you go about it? Chances are that you flip through the Yellow Pages or go online and do a quick web search. What you should know, however, is that neither of these methods are the most efficient and effective option for finding the businesses and services you need. Your best course of action is to turn to a trusted online business directory, such as eCity.com. This particular site contains business listings for cities all across the United States and can be used by people from multiple locations around the globe.

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